Signs You Need Foundation Repair Chicago, IL

Every home needs to have a sturdy foundation; thus, a home foundation is an important part of home maintenance. Over time, your home’s foundation will start to weaken or deteriorate due to many factors. Extreme Foundation Crack Repair Chicago has listed some signs you need to watch out for to know if you need foundation repair. 

Poor Water Drainage

Contact us to address your foundation leaks immediately once you notice water accumulates around the foundation. Water can cause the soil to expand and add pressure to foundation walls and footing. 

Bowing Walls

If your foundation walls bow more than 3 inches, call the professionals to have a foundation repair in Chicago. We’ll install wall anchors in order to straighten and stabilize your walls. 

Door Gaps

Visible door gaps could mean that your home’s foundation is starting to set and can no longer support the weight of your home. 

Sticking Windows

Sticking windows signify that your foundation is sinking, and you need to level it to fix the window problem. 

Moisture in Your Crawlspace

Foundation cracks in Chicago allow moisture to get through in your basement. Call us immediately for foundation crack repair once you notice a musty smell from molds, sagging floorboards, and uneven floor.

The Walls Are Separating From the House

Eventually, when a foundation is not stable, you will notice walls or chimneys may begin to separate from the rest of your structure. At this point, you need substantial foundation repair in Chicago to prevent building deterioration. Keep an eye out for other warning signs, such as gaps between your cupboard and wall, which indicate that your structure is moving away from the house. 

Uneven and Sagging Floors

Observe how things easily roll on the floor or pour a glass of water and watch its progress. Sagging the floor is a sign of a foundation issue that requires immediate repair.