Foundation Crack Repair Chicago, IL By Extreme

When you see large cracks in your foundation, it’s time for foundation crack repair in Chicago. Homeowners love the safety, cleanliness, and durability that a concrete basement provides. But concrete can crack, causing concern for everyone in the home. Because foundation cracks can let water seep in, it’s important to reach out for the right foundation repair in Chicago as it can signify a structural problem. Injecting a foundation crack with epoxy will stop any water leaks, keeping your home secure.
So when you need a foundation repair in Chicago, call the experts at Extreme Foundation Crack Repair, because we handle issues like this all the time. Plus, we can advise you of the common causes of foundation cracks Chicago homeowners should know to help avoid the need for foundation repair. Excessive moisture, expansive clay soils, and slab leaks can all cause foundation cracks, so leave it to the professionals at Extreme Foundation Crack Repair in Chicago.

Foundation Crack Repair Chicago, IL – FAQ

How can I tell when foundation crack repair on my Chicago building is needed?

If you see a crack, it is wise to keep an eye on it, making sure it doesn’t get any bigger. Having a firm handle on the growth of your cracks is the best way to know if it is time to call for foundation repair in Chicago.

How long can a thorough foundation crack repair in Chicago take?

To do it right, two to three days is the best average, but that all depends on the extent of your foundation repair in Chicago. Larger cracks need a more comprehensive solution, and that takes extra time.

Will the foundation repair on my Chicago structure affect my plumbing?

As a slab settles, pipes that are set in place before the initial foundation pouring can be damaged. When we do your foundation repair, we will also have an idea of how badly your pipes may have been affected.

When is foundation repair in Chicago no longer an option?

It is true that sometimes, there is nothing anyone can do to save your foundation. When the costs outweigh the benefits and fixing it won’t add value to your home, this is a sign it is time to consider other options than foundation crack repair. Fortunately, this is extremely rare.

Types of Foundation Cracks Chicago, IL

Horizontal Foundation Cracks: When you see horizontal cracks, it is a definite cause for concern. Hydrostatic water pressure and soil that has become unbalanced is damaging your foundation wall. Foundation repair in Chicago is your only recourse. 

Stair Step Foundation Cracks: Mortar joints are often weakened over time, and that is where these cracks occur. They are very serious and can cause significant damage to your basement foundation’s integrity. Call for foundation repair in Chicago immediately.

Hairline Foundation Cracks: Just like a hairline bone fracture, hairline cracks are often overlooked until they grow and become a problem. These occur in new foundations due to settling and drying and usually within the first year of pouring. 

Vertical Foundation Cracks: Vertical cracks are not as big a threat as the horizontal cracks you might see. They aren’t a problem for your structural integrity and are reasonably common. The run straight up and down your wall. 

Diagonal Foundation Cracks: These cracks are also not a serious concern. They happen naturally when concrete foundations settle over a duration of time and are often a maximum of 30 degrees of true vertical. They do not affect your structural integrity. 

Shrinkage Foundation Cracks: When poured foundations begin to dry and lose moisture, you will start to see shrinkage foundation cracks. These happen within the first year of pouring and are common in new home foundations. They are most commonly vertical in direction and are not a threat.

Structural Foundation Cracks: If you see these cracks, you are right to become very concerned. They are a significant issue and pose a risk that must be addressed. If they are wider than ¼ inch, it is time to call in a professional foundation crack repair company in Chicago.

Advantages of Hiring Contractors for Foundation Crack Repair Chicago, IL

Hiring a professional contractor for your foundation repair in Chicago gives you the best value for money. At Extreme Foundation Crack Repair, we can make your structure look brand new.
Access to Tools
We make our excellent services possible with high-quality tools on hand. Leave it to us to take care of your foundation cracks in Chicago and keep it strong and stable for years to come. Call us for more information.
Saves Time
Professional contractors know how to provide both efficient and precise work with any foundation crack repair you may need in Chicago. No time is wasted when you choose a reputable company like Extreme Foundation Crack Repair.
With our company, you will not only save on time but cost as well. DIY-ing will cost you more than you think, so let our experts do the job and finish it with the results you expect.

Foundation Crack Repair Chicago, IL – When A Homeowner or Business Owner Should Be Worried About Foundation Cracks?

While not all foundation cracks in Chicago lead to problems, every sign of a cracked foundation should be a cause for concern and investigated by a knowledgeable professional. Determining whether foundation cracks are troublesome or merely insignificant cosmetic issues can save you plenty of time, money, and stress.

When you find new foundation cracks, it means your property structure has shifted due to a number of factors. In some instances, however, it may only mean your building has settled slightly. This settling can also cause paint to crack around windows and doors. Although this is not a major concern, it shouldn’t be ignored either. Water can seep into your structure through the tiniest of cracks or seemingly harmless hairline breaches. You can measure any cracks you find and remeasure them when seasons change to see if they are expanding. If you notice that they are growing, it’s time to call Extreme Foundation Crack Repair in Chicago to take care of it.


Signs You Probably Need Foundation Crack Repair Chicago, IL After Water Damage

Did your home survive a flood recently? Checking whether your foundation is water damaged or not is not an easy thing. You need to know the signs to look for to ensure that your foundation is still in good condition after experiencing water damage. EXTREME Foundation Crack Repair Chicago has listed five warning signs to look for. 

  1. Moisture or Dampness
  2. Foundations Cracks forming on the basement floor and walls
  3. Discoloration and Leaning Walls
  4. Uncontrollable mold and mildew
  5. Windows and Doors does not work smoothly or correctly

Water speaks into porous building materials and can cause serious damage to your home. If you notice any of these signs, get in touch with our company to have foundation crack repairs in Chicago. Our professionals have the tools and experience required to check your home for possible foundation cracks.