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When you need a basement crack repair or you have a foundation leak, there is one company that does things a little differently from the others. Extreme Homes offers the finest in customer service and expertise in home renovations and repairs in Chicago.

With a proven track record of outstanding workmanship, beginning with detailed communication and well-designed plans, Extreme Homes stands above the crowd with a professional approach to all kinds of projects. From foundation crack repair to a leaking basement, our experts can handle it all while also taking your finished basement into account.

Our goal is always to make your experience as easy as possible while saving you money, being efficient with your time, and relieving your stress. We go beyond the usual basement wall repair in the Chicago area because we listen first and build according to your requirements and preferences.

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For Foundation Repair, Basement Leaking & Basement Wall Repair in Chicago, IL

Benefits of Foundation Crack Repair
Chicago, IL

Not all cracks are a cause for concern but finding foundation cracks is a sign that it may need to be checked by a professional. Foundation crack repair for Chicago residents can help to ensure your basement wall cracks are strengthened, maintaining the structural integrity of your home. By taking care of your home’s foundation, especially where a leaking basement is concerned, you can increase your property value from the foundation up.

Are you trying to make your home as energy-efficient as possible? Foundation crack repair for Chicago homeowners is essential. While a foundation crack repair in Chicago will not have the same effect on the value of your home as new insulation, it can still have a significant impact. Foundation cracks make it easy for leaks to flow. When water finds its way into your basement, it is very often a result of foundation cracks.

Biggest Consequences of Postponing Foundation Repair

Escalating repair costs continuously
Once you notice a minor problem in your foundation, call the professionals for foundation crack repair as soon as possible. The slow decay of foundation is a progressive process and will surely get worse if left unaddressed. 

Low Property Value
If you’re planning to sell your property, it will cost the new owner a lot of money to repair it. Thus, you will have a hard time selling your property, or you have to lower the market value. 

Insect Infestation
Insects need a humid environment to nest and breed. They tend to stay in your foundation and may migrate to upper levels. You need to pay for the exterminator aside from your foundation repair costs. 

Mold and Mildew Growth
Molds and mildew grow in foundation cracks and may cause allergy and asthma attacks that may leave your family sick. 

Plumbing Problems
Water pipes are vulnerable to breakage and will cause the subsoil expansion or contraction that dislocated the slab. 

Once you notice a problem in your foundation,
call Extreme Foundation Crack Repair in Chicago before it gets worse.

FAQ – Professional Foundation Crack Repair Chicago & Foundation Repair Chicago

How will I know if it’s time for foundations crack repair?

When there are signs of cracks in the drywall or even doors or windows that won’t close properly, it can be a foundation problem. There are also instances where cracks may also appear on the exterior walls of your home. To be 100% sure of the condition of your foundation, it is best to contact our foundation repair company in Chicago.

Is there a special time of year I should have foundations crack repair?

Foundation leaks and foundation crack repairs in Chicago can be done all year round. If there are any inclement weather conditions that may occur at the scheduled time to make repairs, there may be instances where we’ll postpone our employees.

Will foundation cracks repairs damage my landscaping?

Extreme Foundation Crack Repair will do their best not to disturb the landscape around your home during foundation repairs in Chicago. If, in any case, some plants are uprooted, we will do all we can to ensure it survives by replanting it. However, we cannot make any guarantees.

What Causes Foundation Cracks? - Read Before Your Foundation Crack Repair Chicago, IL

Chicago storms produce a lot of water. The water seeps into the soil, causing the soil to expand, raising your home’s foundation and damaging its structural integrity. This makes foundation repair in Chicago very important. 

Plumbing Leaks
Leaking pipes can cause extensive and expensive damage to the home. If your home isn’t equipped with the appropriate waterproofing equipment or a sump pump, the leaking water can cause soil expansion, and foundation cracking. Before you need foundation crack repair in Chicago, get your pipes inspected.

Flooding is a homeowners second worst fear, and the most likely culprit for foundation cracks. Hydrostatic pressure will inevitably lead to more leaks, cracks and problems. If you are concerned about flooding, get a foundation repair inspection on your Chicago home.

Extreme Heat
When baked in the sun, the extreme heat can cause concrete to expand and crack. If you need foundation crack repair due to high heat expansion in Chicago, it is best to do it sooner, than later.

Extreme Homes Foundation Crack
Repair & Basement Leak Repair in Chicago, IL

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Stanford Harrell, Chicago, IL

“ When we found a puddle of water in our basement, we called Extreme Homes to fix our leaking basement in Chicago. They acted fast and located the foundation leaks right away. “

Stanford Harrell, Chicago, IL

Ann Ramos, Chicago, IL

“ We were very pleased with the incredible service we received from Extreme Homes. Their professional work to provide us with a basement wall repair in Chicago was much appreciated. “

Ann Ramos, Chicago, IL

Hans Parker, Chicago, IL

“ The excellent work that was done by Extreme Homes for our foundation crack repair in Chicago was tremendous. They were knowledgeable, friendly, and caring regarding the issue. “

Hans Parker, Chicago, IL

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