Basement Leak Repair in Chicago, IL - Choose Extreme

Basement leaks can start slow and become a very serious problem. There are so many opinions out there about basement leak repair in Chicago, it’s difficult for a homeowner to know where to turn and who to trust. That’s why we suggest researching waterproofing companies thoroughly. You need a company with many years of local experience with thousands of waterproofing and basement leak repairs in Chicago with a highly regarded warranty. You want a company with an outstanding reputation in the waterproofing industry, and that’s what you’ll find with Extreme Basement Leak Repair in Chicago. We provide solutions instead of opinions.
A leaking basement is one of the most concerning problems a homeowner may face, as it can potentially cause further foundation damage. If you need basement leak repair in Chicago, call Extreme for a fast resolution to the problem and avoid bigger issues down the road, including mold growth.

Signs You Need Basement Leak Repair in Chicago, IL

Molt Growth: If you have mold in the darker, more damp areas, you might have a leaking basement in Chicago.

Water stains: When water seeps, then settles, it causes discoloration. If your basement was properly sealed, you wouldn’t see stains. This indicates that your basement or foundation walls are chipped away, and water is seeping in.

Concrete, Brick or Stone Spalling: While concrete and brick are very hard, they can flake away when water damage occurs. If you see this problem in your basement, call Extreme Basement Leak Repair right away.

Musty or Damp Odor: Your basement may have a unique odor, but if you smell a musty or damp aroma, it can be a sign of a leaking basement in Chicago.

Increased Humidity Levels: Lots of moisture, plus heat, equals plenty of humidity. And if your heating or cooling system is in the basement, this will affect it. Call Extreme Basement Leak Repair if concerned.