Extreme Basement Wall Repair Chicago, IL

A bowed or basement wall crack should be checked by an expert in basement wall repair in Chicago. The cause is too much outside pressure pushing in for the wall to handle. Water absorbed into the ground along the home’s foundation leads to soil expansion. This causes a pressure buildup along the basement wall, pushing inward. As the soil dries, it pulls away from the foundation creating weak spots along the wall, resulting in basement wall cracks.
To prevent cracks from worsening, have it inspected by an expert in basement wall repair in Chicago as soon as you notice it.
Basement wall repair is not usually a DIY type of project. It’s best to consult a foundation contractor like Extreme Basement Wall Repair in Chicago for the best solution. This may include not just repairing the basement wall, but also fixing the underlying foundation problem so that it doesn’t happen again.

Understand Basement Wall Repair Chicago, IL

If you go into your basement and notice a basement wall crack, it might seem like a small matter. But a basement wall crack in Chicago is a potential disaster waiting to happen. And different two types of cracks that require different repair solutions.

The type of basement wall crack can speak to the source. Horizontal basement wall crack is caused by pressure from outside the wall, usually expanding soil or water in the dirt pushing on the wall. These are the most serious issues and need to be tended to by a professional immediately. Vertical cracks, on the other hand, are slightly less serious. This is a stress fracture from the weight of the building settling on the walls. That being said, it is still a good idea to get a professional to take a look and make basement wall repair in Chicago. As is very common with problems around the home, if you let it go, it will only get worse.

Basement Wall Repair Chicago, IL - Ask When Hiring A Contractor

Experience: Experience matters, and when it comes to your basement wall crack repair, you want the right contractor with the skills to do the job right. To perform the correct repairs that will be efficient and lasting, always ask about your basement contractors experience before the job begins.

Products and Other Resources: Resources are crucial to do a proper basement wall repair. You want to know that your contractor is using the right tools for the job, and enough people to get it done in a timely fashion. When choosing your contractor, ask them what they use for basement wall repair.

Insurance and Financial Responsibility: New companies that have limited financial backing will often charge more to pad their coffers for future work. Choosing a company to do your basement wall repair that has an established financial base will ensure you are given a fair estimate. You want to trust your contractor for your basement wall crack, so, choose one that has earned the trust of its former clients.

How To Choose the Correct Method Of Basement Wall Repair Chicago, Il

Seepage and leakage are the most common problems when the foundation or surrounding soil is wet and has a weak spot. Seepage is the slow escape of groundwater through a porous material or small holes. While leakage is the amount of groundwater that is escaping from a pipe through a crack, hole, or other faults. After analyzing the cause, we can resolve it as follows;

  1. Proper maintenance of gutter, eaves, and downspouts to prevent runoff roof.
  2. Cover window wells. That keeps out water and debris.
  3. Pea gravel is used to fill the holes between the soil and the basement wall.
  4. Sump pump installation, pump out excess water
  5. Weep pipes installation is used to discharge groundwater from high pressure
  6. The walls should be clean before repairing them.

Don’t hesitate. Contact us today at Extreme Basement Wall Repair Chicago. We have all the experience and equipment to do the perfect work in case of any problems with your basement.