Why You Should Worry About Foundation Cracks Chicago, IL?

The Source of the Cracks

Several aspects can be determinants for your slab or basement to shift. Most cases involve the state of the adjacent soil. For instance, soil that has a major percentage of clay dilates when humid, but it tends to shrink when it dries. This causes pressure variations that impact the foundation, and therefore crack the concrete or brick. 

Another common issue that the most experienced workers in foundation repair Chicago has is that they usually encounter faulty plumbing lines that have water leaks or ineffective drainage. This happens because water accumulation can cause the supporting ground to expand. Last but not least, cold temperatures can cause the ground to freeze, which will apply extended pressure over your house structures. 

When Should You Worry?

The occurrence of any kind of crack is a sign that the state of your place has changed enough to cause structural modifications. Sometimes they are just minor structural adjustments that may come out as cracked paint around windows and doors. Even though that’s not an indication for foundation repair, you must be observant of them. 

However, there are hints that could indicate major issues that should be addressed soon by the best professionals on foundation crack repair Chicago has to offer. A horizontal breach between bricks or concrete blocks or cracks that are bigger on one side than the other can be examples of foundation cracks that need to be taken care of. A shifting foundation can also cause issues like tilted floors and doors that won’t close. 

What Can Be Done?

Superficial cosmetic cracks can be fixed by filling them with caulk, cement or epoxy. However, before taking this step, call the experts on foundation wall cracks Chicago citizens trust to make sure they are not getting bigger and need foundation repair.