Basement Wall Repair Chicago, IL – Learn The Basics

Is Your Basement Wall Crack a Serious Problem?

It’s not necessarily the case that your basement wall crack is a sign of structural damage. Those basement wall cracks that are harmless can simply be filled in and you could even do it yourself.  However, any basement wall cracks that are caused by foundation movement require expert basement crack repair in Chicago.

New homes tend to settle, and that’s normal, but this settling could create small cracks. Tiny hairline cracks are probably nothing to worry about, especially if they don’t expand or spread. But if you’re not sure, speak to a professional in foundation crack repair.

Basement Wall Crack Repair Chicago, IL

Not all basement wall cracks require the same repair techniques. Small hairline cracks that don’t pose a threat to the overall structure can usually be fixed by the homeowner. But large cracks that are spreading, or basement walls that are seen leaning or bulging need the attention of an experienced foundation repair contractor.   

The Causes of Foundation Issues

These are the most common causes of foundational instability:

  1. Expansive soil
  2. Soil improperly compacted
  3. Drainage issues
  4. Invasive tree roots
  5. Earthquakes and floods
  6. Drought

What to Look for on the Inside When You Suspect Foundation Problems

  1. Doors and windows can no longer operate easily
  2. Doors and windows will not close properly
  3. Cracks forming on the walls, floors, and ceilings
  4. Drywall cracks
  5. Floors no longer appear level.
  6. Things roll off the countertops, like eggs

Signs of Foundation Problems on the Exterior

  1. Cracking in the foundation
  2. Walls are rotating or tilting, which can occur when the surrounding soil becomes saturated with water
  3. Windows or doors are starting to separate from the walls
  4. Bricks and masonry form stair step cracks
  5. Displaced moldings

Small basement wall repair in Chicago can be handled on your own, but be sure to have a professional in foundation cracks inspect the larger ones to make sure there is no structural damage.

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