Basement Leaks: Common Sources And Identification – Extreme Basement Leak Repair Chicago, IL

Water is often the number one threat to your basement. The following are good reasons to call the best service in basement leak repair Chicago has to offer:

  1. Water pooling around the foundation.
  2. Cracks around windows and doors. 
  3. Leaky pipelines.
  4. A faulty sump pump.
  5. Excessive humidity in the basement. 

Pay close attention to the following signs of a leaking basement Chicago homes often show: 

Moisture And Stains On Walls And Ceiling
Structures that feel damp to the touch or have stains reveal that water has been absorbed. Get the experts in basement crack repair Chicago, as water reacts with the materials by drawing the acid in it and filtering it through your walls. 

Mold And Mildew
Mold and mildew can spread quickly in areas where moisture accumulates. If your basement presents a musty odor, chances are you’ll soon need to call the professionals in basement leak repair.

Masonry surfaces subjected to humidity often show a chalky white mineral deposit resulting from a chemical breakdown of bonding agents. Whenever you spot this sign, consider hiring the experts in basement wall repair.

Rust Remains
Surfaces in contact with metal parts like nails can show signs of rust. This is evidence that the metal has been in contact with water and it’s a typical sign of a leaking basement Chicago homeowners fear. 

Water Bugs
Water accumulation can attract insects, especially in hidden areas like behind furniture, corners, and along baseboards. If you spot them, start considering the best basement wall repair Chicago.

Wood Decay
Humidity is harmful to wood, as evidenced by signs like stains and bending. If your wooden surfaces are getting damaged and they feel humid to the touch, it’s time to get a good inspection from a professional in basement leak repair Chicago based. 

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